Buying the Best Toilet Training Potty Seat and Chairs in 2019

Buying the best toilet training seat for your toddler is by no means an arduous task. But you still need to know what to look for before you make that purchase. This guide will help you make the right buying decision.

Toilet training is a convenient way of giving your precious toddler a chance to do his business somewhere else besides his diaper.

Once the time is upon you, be prepared for a little ‘endurance stretch’, but the right equipment will go a long way in ensuring that both you and your child go through the training process smoothly and with minimal drama.

The potty is the single most important stuff you are going to need for your child’s training. Therefore, choosing a good seat is a crucial step that needs to be well researched as there are hundreds out there that might not be suited for your child.

An online publication by the University of Michigan Health System reports “Kids need to feel comfortable and in control when starting to use the potty. A training toilet allows the child to sit with both feet firmly on the floor. If your child prefers, a child seat can be attached to the adult toilet…”


Potty Seat or Potty Chair?

The big question is – do you go for a potty seat or a potty chair? Let me make it simpler for you.

1) Potty Chair

Most toilet training journey starts with the potty chair. It’s a baby chair that has a holding space for your child’s number one and two. You’ll need to empty and clean it after each use.

After a while, kids start using this with little or no adult supervision. Though it may take a little longer before they can empty it themselves. Unless you want to be cleaning up poop and pee regularly from your floor.

The days of porcelain and wooden potties are gone. Nowadays. you are most likely to come across plastic potties.

Things you should look out for in a kids’ toilet chair are how comfortable it is for the child and ease of cleaning. You can read more about potty chairs here.

2) Potty Seat

When your child starts with the toilet chair, you will still want him or her, at one point, to move to the adult toilet. To get kids used to the normal toilet or present accidents, you will need the baby seat or toilet reducer. This placed on the regular toilet to hold your baby securely.

One good thing about the toilet reducer is it saves you the extra stress of cleaning. You only flush as usual.

One important thing you should look out for when buying the toilet trainer is how it’ll fit since the normal toilet is available in different shapes.Though there are one-size-fits-all toilet adapters. You can read more about toilet reducers here.

3) 3-in-1 Potties

A 3 in 1 baby toilet affords moms the ability to get three important baby toilet equipment (a potty chair, a potty seat and a stepstool) in a single unit. This is useful when you consider the issue of space and portability.

This category of kid’s toilets allows your child to start his toilet training with the baby chair and later transit to the adult toilet using the seat reducer facility. This is also used as a stepstool after each toilet session or whenever the child wants to use the bathroom sink, instead of you buying a stand-alone stool.

One thing every 3 in 1 baby toilet should possess is the anti-slip feature to prevent fall. This is a safety measure you should always check out before buying. Here are some of the best multi-purpose potties in the market today.

How to buy the best potty for boys

A toilet meant for a boy must have high enough splash guard that will direct your boy’s flow during number one to the collecting pot. Lack of this might quickly turn your efforts to a nightmare since you will need to mop the floor and clean the whole baby toilet after each use.

You must also look out for back support, in the case of a toilet chair. Some toilet reducers, like the Potty Scotty Toilet Seat II (for elongated toilets), also have back support.

Most toilet training methods require your child sitting for several times a day and for a considerable length of time. Make this easy on the child by buying a baby toilet chair with strong back support. The following are good toilet chairs with strong backrest:

• Baby Bjorn Potty Chair
• Fisher-Price Custom Comfort Potty Seat
• Summer Infant Lil’ Loo Potty
• Lil’ Jumbl Potty Chair

You will want to make sure you buy a sturdy toilet if you are going to toilet train a boy. My 18-month old do all manner of things on his potty, including the jumping play. A frail product cannot withstand a boisterous kid. Strong potties make toilet training easier since a child that falls off a potty once might not want to go back soon.

Many parents claim that boys are harder to train than girls, and in some cases this is true. However taking the right approach to toilet training boys can make all the difference. The number one thing is to make sure your child is ready to be trained. While the average age of children who toilet train is between 18 and 36 months, boys are often at the later end of the scale. So it is very important to stay patient until you notice signs that your child is ready to be trained.

If your child is staying dry for two hours or more, that is a sign. They may also express interest in using the big toilet or wearing underwear. Taking your son shopping for underwear can help a great deal, there are briefs with all kinds of favorite characters on them that your child will love. Also, let him be a part of choosing the toilet seat. There are seats that sit on the floor and those that are placed on the adult toilet seat so your child can comfortably sit without falling in. These seats also usually have handles so your child feels more secure.

It is easier to teach your child how to sit on the toilet than it is to teach them to stand up when they have to urinate. Many children learn to have bowel movements in the potty first, especially boys. Some boys will go ahead and urinate sitting down, as a matter of fact many toilet seats have guards for this very purpose so urine doesn’t get everywhere and goes in the bowl. Once your boy has mastered the potty sitting down, it is time to teach him to stand up when he has to urinate.

This is where Dad comes in handy, it can really help boys to watch their father and see exactly how it’s done. Most boys want to emulate their parents, so this can certainly help encourage your child’s motivation. Another tip is to make a schedule for taking the child to their toilet seat. Try to evaluate when they are likely to ‘go’ by watching them for about a week, then tailor the times you lead them to the potty around when they are most likely to have to use it.

How to buy the best potty for girls

Parents that are planning to toilet train their daughter may benefit from a few helpful tips. Toilet training girls differs in certain ways compared to boys. Many people claim girls tend to be simpler to train than boys, however, it depends on the individual kid rather than their sex. The first thing to do while preparing to potty train is to make certain your daughter is ready to start this action. You will have to bring up the topic with her and watch out for indicators of being ready. Trying to push toilet usage on any youngster is really a bad idea.

As an example, whenever shopping together with your child take her to the toddler girls’ under-garments section and allow her to browse the selection. She could decide that she’d like to wear big girl panties rather than a diaper. You will find a myriad of choices available, from solids to prints showcasing cartoon characters. However if your little one doesn’t show any interest do not push them, she probably just needs additional time. The average toilet training age ranges between 18 and 36 months, nevertheless, some children might train earlier or even later.

One method to encourage readiness and teach through example is for mothers to take their daughters to the bathroom with them and allow them to see how its done. Kids frequently wish to copy their parents and using the toilet is no exception. Whenever your child appears ready, take her to look for a baby toilet seat that she can choose herself. If there are specific features you need, offer her a choice among several different models. A few potties have lighting, sound and therefore are very vibrant, while some tend to be more simple. You will find potty seats that fit onto the grownup toilet for your child to sit on. This really is handy since there is no waste to clean up, all you have to do is flush.

You might also want to create an agenda of some sort or other whenever toilet training girls. Attempt to figure out whenever your daughter is most likely to make use of the toilet by watching her, then guide her gently towards the toilet and ask her to sit a couple of minutes at those occasions. For many children, reading a popular book might help. Applying an incentive program like a sticker chart or even awards for milestones reached also may help encourage your child, but only when they are ready to be trained.


A Short Toilet Training Guide

Should you be looking for a brief toilet training guide, continue reading. Here we will cover the main facets of baby potty training. Really, the more relevant term would be toddler potty training, as babies are simply too young to train. The child needs to be physically ready to be trained, one way to evaluate this is by discovering the length of time they remain dry. They ought to be remaining dry for at least two hours at a time before you decide to attempt toilet training.

Once they have reached this particular milestone, obtain feelings regarding using the toilet. You might want to simply ask them if they are ready to use the toilet instead of diapers or even training pants. If your little one shows interest, allow them to select their very own potty chair as well as their own underwear for when they ‘graduate’ from training. Even after they have gone to underwear, some parents use training pants through the night just in case for awhile. This can help you prevent messy night time mishaps, as some trained kids can’t hold it overnight for a while. You will notice once they awaken with dried out pants for a continual time period, that is when they can put on underwear through the night.

It helps to establish a schedule. View your child and take note of when they wet or soil their diaper or training pants. Have an average idea of the times, then guide your child to their potty at these times. When they require encouragement to remain seated, give them a much loved book. Motivational charts, a toilet training DVD and books along with other aids may also help the process along. Everything depends upon the temperament as well as personality of your child.

Some specialists suggest permitting your child to run around unclothed during certain periods of time. This gives them the sensation of not wearing a diaper or training pants, plus they are more likely to make use of the potty instead of urinate or defecate on themselves and the floor. A few children will beg you to put a diaper or training pants on them, and if they do it’s possible they aren’t ready to be trained. Something to note is on average boys train later than girls. If you’re worried that your child isn’t responding to toilet training and are past the age guidelines, talk to their doctor for guidance.

Wrapping Up

So, this about sums it up! Yes, with so many different kinds of products in the market, deciding on the best potty training seat might cause your head to spin. Why not save yourself some stress and check out the ones we’ve listed? You’ll not be sorry!