3-in-1 Potties

3 in 1 potties are multipurpose toilet training tools designed to grow along with your child.

A child usually starts with the potty chair and grow into using the toilet seat. Though some parents prefer to start potty training directly from the adult toilet using the seat reducer.

At any point, the potty serves as a step stool for the child.



The Best 3-in-1 Potties in 2018

1) The First Years 3-In-1 Mickey Mouse Potty System


2) Contours Bravo 3-in-1 Potty

This potty is a beauty to behold and it will surely add to the aesthetic value of your bathroom or playroom, wherever you decide to place it. One other important feature of this potty, for many moms, is the intelligently-designed splash guard that efficiently directed your boy’s flow into the collecting bowl and which can be folded away for girls. This makes it perfect for both boys and girls.