The Best Potty Chairs in 2018

A potty chair is the first stop for any parent ready to potty train their child. It’s a small seat that’s placed on the ground and it has a depressed space for holding poop and pee. Once the potty has been used, you’d need to empty and wash it for future use.

A potty chair is portable and is safe enough for your child to use on his own.
Potty training chairs have evolved through the years. Porcelain has given way to sturdy plastic material and baby potty chairs are made these days with a much better understanding of ergonomics. They also come in a wide variety of style.

What must the ideal baby potty chair possess?

Certain factors must be present in a potty chair before it can help with your potty training needs. These are:

High back

One common feature of the best potty training seats is high back. A high back, as well as armrest, ensures your baby has support any time seated and standing up. This can help the child stability with a measure of freedom and will definitely promote rapid learning. Likewise, this kind of feature enables your child to sit for extended periods without feeling tired.


This is vital. A baby potty must have a base that is strong and does not look like tipping over once the baby moves around. The bottom of the potty must have rubber cushioning (anti-slip) to prevent the potty from skidding.


All baby potties must be durable. Try to find out the maximum weight the training potty can easily carry. A good potty training chair can certainly last quite some time, good enough to potty train your first, second, as well as third child.

Ease of cleaning

With regards to hygiene, how simple is the baby potty to clean? What are the parts that are hard to reach?

Spill prevention mechanism

Is there a mechanism which helps to prevent spills?

The Best Potty Chairs in 2018

1) Baby Bjorn Potty Chair

2) Summer Infant Lil’ Poo Potty

3) Fisher-Price Learn-to-Flush Potty

4) Lil Jumbl Potty

To ease the process of your child’s toilet training, you must learn how to remove the fear factor. When a child refuses to use the potty and prefers to “do it” in his diapers or underwear it is most likely due to fear – fear of the potty or fear of the toilet.

One way many people remove fear from potty training is to get a potty that looks more like a toy. The logic behind this is if he can play with it, then he won’t fear it.

One potty that uses this logic to good effect is the Lil Jumbl Potty Training Seat. Since it looks more like something from their favorite TV shows, a child will want to touch it, sits on it and play with it.

Not only that, the Lil Jumble Potty is designed with the utmost comfort of your baby in mind.