Fisher-Price Potty Training, Learn-to-flush potty

Flushing has never been more fun. Once your toddler is done using this potty chair and is ready to flush, twirling water followed by flashing lights and flushing sounds,will be seen and heard. To crown the delightful experience, musical tunes emanate from the potty and cheer the child, as a reward for successfully using the potty. What a cool way to encourage potty training!

Someone once said “A good potty will attract children on its own.” This aptly describes the Fisher-Price Potty Training, Learn-to-flush potty. Created by Fisher-Price, a company whose toys are known all over the world for their strong build, cleverness and intrinsic play value, the Learn-to-Flush Potty presents toilet training to children in a funny and rewarding manner, incorporating basic toilet moves.

The Fisher Price potty chair comes with a device located in the bowl of the potty that gives out complimentary sound whenever a child urinates. Then, when the flush handle is pressed, the LED at the back of the toilet came on and a sound is played, imitating an actual flushing noise. These features attract children and make them get used to the potty in no time. It also comes with a removable ring that fits perfect on most adult toilets thereby making the transition to real toilet easier.

What moms love about the Learn-to-Flush Potty

The potty seat is remarkably designed as it is devoid of pinching complaints that is common with a lot of potty training chairs out there. It does not leak. The built-in potty guard is high enough to keep in boys’ wayward ‘fountains’.

Many moms enjoy using this potty since they don’t have to wait and observe how a child is pulling it off, the toilet does that by its celebratory songs. On its own it encourages toilet training. Whether you are potty training a boy or a girl they get drawn to it easily and you might have a battle in your hand keeping them away from it. The reward system is highly commendable. Children love the music and they love the flushing sound.

What you might not like

Well, some moms have pointed out that the constant singing each time a child pees can be frustrating as you will need to dry out or wipe down the potty to stop the music. Another complaint has to do with the potty arbitrary singing even when not in use. Though the sounds are meant for positive feedback, what some mothers do to get around this is to switch off the unit when not in use as there is no volume control. For many moms, however, the sounds are not bothersome and are one of the primary reasons the little ones get hook to this potty.

With the low price tag, the Fisher Price potty chair is a great value for your money and one of the best potty training seats in 2018. It even comes in a frustration-free packaging.