Summer Infant Lil’ Poo Potty Review

Children love to copy adults, and this is an excellent way to take advantage of the fact! The Lil’ Poo Potty looks so much like the real thing; your toddler would have a blast! The high back seat, detachable pot, simple clean up, and stylish design are just some of the features that make this potty chair a must-have!

If you are looking for a simple potty, half the price of the best potties out there, and one that gets the job done efficiently, you should go for the Summer Infant Lil Loo Potty.

The Lil Loo is bulky, making it perfectly suitable for bigger and older babies. It has a considerably high splash guard (for boys) to make sure the pee stays in the potty. The sturdy back-support holds all sizes of babies very well and prevents them from topping over.

The base unit is fairly wide allowing babies to sit comfortably. The potty is thoughtfully designed for easy cleaning and usage. The collecting pot comes out without any difficulty. Older kids get to empty the potty themselves.

Made by the world famous Summer Infant with the safety of babies in mind, the Lil Loo potty is free of phtalate, latex, lead and BPA. It requires no battery since it doesn’t sing or make sounds, features that could distract toddlers during potty training.


Detachable pot for easy cleaning
Tall back for support and comfort
High splash guard for boys
Comes in 5 different colors which is handy if you’re looking for a color that blends well with your existing bathroom decoration
Cheap! It sells for a third of the more popular potties
Easy to use, even for toddlers


The white variant gets stained over time, though regularly cleaning with bleach will remove the discoloration.
It doesn’t have arm support which often helps smaller children for stability.